Intelligent Capital Management Leads Web 3.0 Era,
Quantitative Investments Share Global Dividends

Professional digital currency quantitative money management wallet,
safe and reliable


TOPONE is a digital currency quantitative wealth management wallet under Galaxy Digital, which is committed to building a world-class blockchain asset management platform and creating a community consensus win-win digital currency fund for global users. After years of cultivation in the field of digital asset quantification, TOPONE has formed a quantitative strategy system of "intelligent asset management + high frequency trading" to earn profits in Web3.0, meta-universe scenario and digital currency exchange, pursuing to let wealth come to the door actively, gaining stable income, dripping water into a river, and eventually reaching qualitative change with users. Share the investment dividend in Web3.0 era.


Broad business scope,
to create a win-win ecology


Digital asset management

TOPONE wallet combines blockchain and AI quantitative technology, which has the advantage of unique quantitative strategy for wealth management as well as the advantage of unchangeable data on the chain, making it easy for every user to make financial investments in digital assets.


Secure custody, transfer and transaction of digital assets

TOPONE wallet closely connects the escrow business with the trading business, making it easy for users to switch between them when using the platform.


Lending Management

TOPONE Wallet has the inherent advantage of providing digital asset collateralized lending services to existing users.


Intelligent Quantitative Money Management

On the TOPONE trading platform, mainly using smart coins for quantitative trading, the exchange will also automatically match all kinds of high-quality strategies to earn fast and stable income.


Automatic High Frequency Trading

TOPONE automatic high-frequency trading finance earns trading spreads through instantaneous high-frequency trading, so that you can make quick profits regardless of market conditions and win at speed.


Decentralized Liquidity Mining Fund

TOPONE decentralized liquidity mining fund, to achieve the user's "high investment, high return" financial demands.

Perfect functional system
thoughtful service

Digital asset security custody and trading

TOPONE supports the storage and circulation of more than 100 kinds of mainstream digital currencies in the global market, such as BTC, ETH, USDT, ETC, LTC, DOGE, etc. Users can host and trade digital assets in TOPONE.

AI quantitative investment robot

TOPONE wallet's intelligent quantitative investment robot is able to profit from quantitative investment strategies based on accurate access to the value of various data assets.

Futures and Options Investing

TOPONE enables users to easily participate in financial derivatives investments in digital currencies, helping users who trade and invest in the TOPONE wallet to gain excess returns that are risk-averse.

Fixed Income Money Management

TOPONE wallet provides financial products including demand money, fixed-term money, large certificates of deposit, fixed-income money, pension protection money, etc.

Staking pledge mining

In TOPONE wallet, users can entrust tokens with one click and enjoy instant income. By entrusting tokens to participate in mining and voting, users can get high income rewards on average.

Digital Asset Collateral Loan

TOPONE provides fiat currency loans (e.g. USD) to crypto asset owners who use cryptocurrency collateral to bring additional liquidity to blockchain assets and meet the needs of individuals and institutions holding crypto assets.

Multiple quantitative strategies
that provide stable returns


Arbitrage Hedging Strategies

TOPONE takes advantage of the difference in price between different times, markets and coins, and simultaneously buys and sells the same platform coin to gain risky profits from it.


Trending Strategy

TOPONE follows the trend of market changes through data collection and analysis, captures industry data through the prophecy machine, builds a quantitative database of trends, and obtains lucrative profits through a variety of analytical means.


Martingale Strategy

TOPONE martingale strategy is mostly applied to contract trading, which uses the principle of doubling bets after losses until the capital is returned with profits.


CTA Strategy

A strategy that uses client funds to invest in futures and options markets with the goal of achieving stable returns.


Market Neutral Strategy

A strategy that involves taking both long and short positions to hedge against market risk and achieve stable returns in any market environment.


High Frequency Trading Strategy

TOPONE automatic high-frequency trading finance earns trading spreads through instantaneous high-frequency trading, which allows you to make quick profits regardless of market conditions and win at speed.

Investment management,
to achieve wealth freedom

Personal finance income

Users can use the digital assets stored in TOPONE to buy financial products, according to their own financial needs to invest in financial products with different investment periods and returns, enjoying absolutely stable returns and quickly realizing wealth freedom. The following table shows the yields of TOPONE's different financial products.

Promotion mining

TOPONE platform adopts multi-level agent model, users can invite friends to join mining to get certain rewards, specific reward rules are as follows.

First charge activity

TOPONE platform also launched the participation cycle mining 360 days, you can get the first charge reward income, release TOPONE platform coins to users, and share the dividends of platform coin appreciation with users. The reward distribution plan is shown below.

DAO community sharing

Global DAO community

In the global DAO community created by TOPONE, community residents participate in community governance through voting and decision-making mechanism, community residents invest and manage money together, everyone is the manager of the ecology and everyone is a participant of the ecology.

DAO rights and interests

In the TOPONE DAO organization, DAO users participate in DAO decision-making through voting, implement various resolutions of the community, and jointly manage the development of the TOPONE ecology and the promotion of various application scenarios such as DeFi, NFT, GameFi, SocialFi, Meta-universe and other major matters.

DAO Governance Model

The governance mode of TOPONE DAO adopts a combination of on-chain governance + off-chain governance - through the programming of smart contracts on the blockchain, most of the simplistic, highly repetitive and frequently invoked rule execution settings are completed, while complex rule governance is carried out through the establishment of an executive committee and DAO user voting.

Accumulation for a long time,Begin to take

The development history of TOPONE wallet is inseparable from the development of blockchain decentralized finance.TOPONE wallet rides on the momentum of the rapid development of decentralized finance, and its ecological concept and framework were defined in 2018.TOPONE development plan is as follows.

Strong background, strong strength

Galaxy Digital Group, headquartered in New York, USA, has obtained MSB (Money Service Business) license to carry out compliant digital asset finance-related business globally, helping global users to help profitable assets of more than ten billion dollars in volume. Its founding core personnel are all from Wall Street, Google, Microsoft and other internationally renowned companies, and the entire team is committed to providing users with efficient, safe and fast cryptocurrency asset management services with an international perspective and global concept. Over the years since its establishment, Galaxy Digital has received investments from many institutions such as KKR. In the future, Galaxy Digital will join hands with industry chain partners to provide strong support for the development of the digital industrial economy, change the digital asset trading model, and strive to build a new ecology of the global digital economy.

Integration and openness,
building ecology together.

TOPONE has obtained the full support of international first-line capital represented by Accel and many partners from the global digital asset field, and will join hands with industry chain partners to provide strong support for the development of digital industry economy, welcome the future of digital economy, and strive to build a new ecology of global digital economy.

In the future, TOPONE will also grasp the development opportunities of the digital era and promote the business innovation in the digital era!